Austin's Turkish interpreter assists during a clinic appointment


Cultural Diversity Unit

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About us

The CD Unit works to improve health outcomes and reduce risk for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) patients. We aim to make the Austin an accessible,safe and welcoming and  place for everyone. The Unit provides:

  • a free interpreter service on request for non-English speaking patients in over 90 languages
  • in-house interpreters available during office hours in Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Macedonian, Arabic, Turkish, Cantonese, Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian.
  • phone interpreting after hours and on weekends

The Austin Health Cultural Responsiveness Plan 2010-13 outlines how the whole organisation works together to:

  • respect patients' language, religious and dietary preferences,
  • provide culturally awareness training for management and staff training
  • ensure that all services are accessible, appropriate and acceptable.