Neurobehaviour Clinic

General description

The Neurobehaviour Clinic is a neuropsychiatric assessment service run on Wednesday and Thursday afernoons at the Repatriation Campus of Austin Health in West Heidelberg.

Its core team is comprised of two psychiatrists, a psychiatric registrar and a neuropsychologist.

The clinic is conveniently run along the same corridor as a neurology movement disorders clinic which facilitates collaborative assessments when problems exist across neurology and psychiatry.

Waiting time for this clinic is approximately 6 weeks and patients receive a letter 4 weeks prior to their appointment requesting a call back to confirm the appointment, which is routine under the current Outpatients Patient Choices Booking system.

An assessment at the Neurobehaviour Clinic may be a "one-off" or involve a series of visits in order to see the psychiatrist (or registrar), the neuropsychologist, or to review the results of pathology or imaging studies.

Referring to the Neurobehaviour Clinic

Referrals to this clinic are managed via the outpatient Patient Choices Booking system and are therefore subject to rules that govern all outpatient bookings at Austin Health.

To simplify the process, you may do one of the following:

  • Fax a referral letter to (03) 9496 2097 or
  • Telephone Repat Outpatients reception on (03) 9496 2444