Patient and nurse in Day Oncology


Specific services

1. Inpatients

Haematology patients requiring inpatient care will be admitted to Ward 7 South of the Olivia Newton John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre (ONJCWRC). This includes patients who are undergoing intensive chemotherapy for leukaemia and those undergoing an autologous or allogeneic stem cell transplant service - the latter service opened in October 2015.

2. Outpatient clinics

General haematology clinics are held in Specialist Clinics on Level 3, ONJ Centre. These run on Monday mornings, Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings. A specific thrombosis and haemostasis relating to clotting and bleeding clinic is held on Friday mornings.

3. Outpatient treatment

Chemotherapy is given to patients in the Day Oncology Centre on Level 3, ONJ Centre. Other treatments such as blood or iron infusions are given at the Ambulatory Care Centre on Level 3, Austin Tower.

4. Clinical trials programme

The unit has a very busy and broad clinical trial programme covering the breadth of common haematological malignancies. There is a particular focus on innovative trials using immunotherapy for various forms of lymphoma, new therapies for acute and chronic leukaemias and access to novel treatments for both newly diagnosed and relapsed myeloma. In 2017 we have one dedicated clinical trials fellow and in 2018 we will have two fellows to assist in this service.

Further information on clinical trials can be obtained at: Clinical Trials

Our department has close links with other major teaching hospitals, which means patients are promptly referred for any services not provided at the Austin.

5. Allogeneic Bone marrow transplant service:

This service was established in October 2015 and provides allografts from sibling or matched unrelated donors to suitable patients with acute and chronic leukaemia, lymphomas, aplastic anaemia, myeloma and myelodysplasia.

The participating consultants are Drs He, Grigg, Lim and Schwarer who working close in particular with the allograft and survivorship nurse co-ordinators.

6. Lymphoma service

This is being established in late 2017 under the leadership of Dr Hawkes. Other members include Drs Grigg and Chong who collaborate to drive the policy development and research programme for lymphoma.

7. Multi-disciplinary meetings

A lymphoma MDM is held each fortnight with participation by haematologists, a nuclear medicine physician, pathologist and relevant coordinators. MDMs are also held to discuss myeloma and transplant patients.