Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient


Specialist Group Art Therapy Programs

Specialist Groups are available to anyone. They are not about being an artist, no prior experience is needed.

Nurturing You

Do you spend time going from one thing to the next, at times feeling stressed and confused? Come join us in a supportive nurturing space, express creatively and share therapeutic conversations that will assist you to understand and reduce your stress, worries and concerns. This program will provide opportunities to discover what you need to improve your own health and wellbeing and to learn new ways to make helpful and lasting change.

Caring for Carers

The caring role can be very rewarding, however there are many moments when you may feel isolated and alone. Unhelpful feelings and experiences may occupy many of your thoughts. This group will provide carers opportunity to meet other carers, be supported and understood in expressing your needs while working towards improved health and wellbeing. Sessions will include meaningful conversations and creative art expressions.

Berevement and Creativity

Supporting you in your loss. The pain of loss when a loved one dies can be unbearable and overwhelming. Feelings of isolation, loneliness, sadness, confusion, uncertainty, anger and fear become regular unwanted companions. This group will provide a supported therapeutic space to be with other bereaved people, to share meaningful stories, to grieve, to express your emotions and experiences, to be understood, while working toward new helpful ways of supporting your needs.

Creative Journeys Work Group

Supporting grief, loss and major life change. This creative therapeutic group will provide participants with opportunity to express, explore, understand and process personal experiences of loss, grief and major life changes. Supportive therapeutic conversations and creative art expressions using a variety of and mediums art materials will be used throughout each session.

Monthly Open Studio

Do you just feel like being creative in a wonderful studio space, without interruptions? Why not try our monthly group where you’ll experience pure blissful moments creating with art materials?

Includes: Most art and creative materials, tea/coffee

Bring: Your canvas or other special art materials that your project requires. Note: This program is not a direct therapy group.

Individual Art Therapy Sessions

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words when working through difficult life experiences. Art therapy uses creativity and therapeutic conversations to support your needs, while work towards improved choices and health and well-being. Working with: Trauma, Disability, Depression, Carer issues, Bereavement, Stress & anxiety, Relationship issues, Acquired brain injury, Chronic illness, Grief, loss and major life change. Supportive therapeutic conversations and creative art expressions using a variety of and mediums art materials will be used in each session where appropriate.

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