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2018 Highlights

2018 Highlights

Over 400 people interested in and involved in medical and scientific research attended ResearchFest 2018, from 15-19 October.

The festival of research aims to provide opportunities for researchers to display their work, form new collaborations and learn about the work of their colleagues.

Highlights included:

  • Debate of the proposition "Kefir, Kombucha and Kimchi; fermented foods are just another fad". Valiantly moderated by Fergus Kerr despite an intense roasting from Paul Gow; all debaters (Graeme Hart, Mark Horrigan, Clare Gordon, Sandra Iuliano and Belinda Yeo) held the audience spellbound.  The negative argument seemed the most logical however the affirmative argument held sway; perhaps due to samples provided by Dr Yeo; and yes it was blackcurrant cordial.
  • Dr C Glenn Begley (BioCurate) offered his insights into the issues of reproducing published studies and encouraged the large audience to maintain the most rigorous standards of research. He offered the assistance of BioCurate to any researcher at the stage of progressing work from molecule to medication.
  • Two well attended poster sessions which had the room buzzing with discussion. 
    • Participation of early career researchers in the Austin LifeSciences symposium; four examples of some of the excellent research being carried out at Austin Health. 
      • More than $14,000 of travel grants awarded 
        • Distinguished Scientist Award presented to Professor Sue Walker for her research and clinical leadership and encouragement of young people into research. Professor Walker said she was honoured to accept the award noting her long association with the vibrant research culture at the Austin. She thanked the research community at the Austin for encouraging her as a medical student and junior doctor and praised the health service for maintaining a commitment to supporting research.

        Research Week Prizes and Awards 2018

        Congratulations to the  winners of Austin LifeSciences Research Week 2018 prizes and awards.

        These are the winners of the awards for 2018.  The abstracts of these works are in the abstracts pdf 

        Name of recipient Name of award For work
        Professor Sue Walker AMRF Distinguished Scientist Award 

        To honour Professor Walker's contribution to the research community at Austin Health, in both clinical and basic research and her commitment to fostering young people into research and supervision of post-graduate degree students

        Norelle Sherry AMRF Research Higher Degree Award

        Using genomics to track transmission of 'superbugs' in hospitals

        Dinali Fernando  AMRF Young Investigator Award Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) derived from diets have more impact on the progression of fatty liver disease than endogenously derived AGEs

        Marcus Sellars

        Allied Health Research Award Cost-efffectiveness of advance care planning and end-of-life care for older adults with end-stage kidney disease in hospital: A person-centred decision analysis
        Kelly Tran

        Austin Lifesciences Prize for Basic Research

        Identification of novel gp130 inhibitors as potential treaments for colon cancer

        Laura Bird

        Florey Prize for Neuroscience Research Music training is neuroprotective for verbal cognition in focal epilepsy 

        Venesha Rethnam

        ONJCRI Scholarship

        Construct validity of the utility-weighted modified Rankin Scale as a primary outcome measure in stroke trials

        Hilary Hodgson Clinical or Patient Care Nursing Quality Project Award  Reducing Falls: It's all in the timing
        Nicole Sheers Rob Pierce Memorial Award 

        Respiratory function in people with neuromuscular disease: characteristics and association with respiratory tract infection

        Julie Langridge Nursing Research Award A spa bath intervention for managing pain, anxiety and well-being in palliative care: pilot study
        Polly Dufton LaTrobe University School of Nursing and Midwifery Nursing Journal Award An evidence-based, nurse-led model of care, to support cancer patients
        Norelle Sherry 2018 ResearchFest Poster Award Using genomics to track transmission of 'superbugs' in hospitals
        Kai Wen Leong Clinical Dean's Prize for MD Research Project Peak serum potassium levels during reperfusion in adult patients undergoing primary cadaveric liver transplantation
        Indu Rajapaksha CEO's Award for Basic Science Research Therapies targeting the alternate arm of the hepatic renin angiotensin system in chronic liver disease
        Anselm Wong CEO's Award for Clinical Research Paracetamol overdose