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2017 Highlights

2017 Highlights

The ResearchFest concept continued in 2017 at Austin Health, extending the time frame for the event and offering more attendance options.  Poster sessions were held 16-20 October and lectures, oral presentations and symposia were held between 17-25 October.   Over 400 people interested in and involved in medical and scientific research attended.

The festival of research aims to provide opportunities for researchers to display their work, form new collaborations and learn about the work of their colleagues.

Highlights included:

    • Professor Andrew Roberts' insights into translational research. Professor Roberts described the development of new treatments for leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma through translational and clinical research. He is an academic leader in the clinical development of the novel targeted anti-cancer drug, venetoclax, from the research laboratory through clinical trials to FDA & TGA approval for use in treatment of leukaemia patients. 
    • Debate of the proposition "I ,for one, salute our new computer overlords ". Moderated by Sue Shilbury; Saul Mullen, Jeanette Milgrom, and Sean Stevens courageously argued for the affirmative citing the relief that digitization has afforded residents on ward rounds (no more carrying of six kilos of medical records plus xrays as well as the demonstrated benefit of removing the spectre of doctors' handwriting).  The negative argument prevailed argued by Katie Bagot, once the centrelink reference was made the link cannot be unseen, Pat Charles, blatantly playing to the audience and standout contributor Joleen Rose. 
    • Two well attended poster sessions which had the room buzzing with discussion. 
      • Participation of early career researchers in the Austin LifeSciences symposium; four examples of some of the excellent research being carried out at Austin Health. 
        • $11,000 of travel grants awarded 
          • Distinguished Scientist Award presented to Professor Christopher Rowe for his research and clinical leadership and encouragement of young people into research. Professor Rowe said he was honoured to accept the award noting his long association with the vibrant research culture at the Austin. He thanked the research community at the Austin for encouraging him as a junior doctor and praised the health service for maintaining a commitment to supporting research.

          Research Week Prizes and Awards 2017

          Congratulations to the  winners of Austin LifeSciences Research Week 2017 prizes and awards.

          These are the winners of the awards for 2017.  The abstracts of these works are in the abstracts pdf 

          Name of recipient Name of award For work
          Professor Christopher Rowe
          AMRF Distinguished Scientist Award 

          To honour Professor Rowe's contribution to the research community at Austin Health, in both clinical and basic research and his commitment to fostering young people into research and supervision of post-graduate degree students.

          Mardiana Lee 
          AMRF Research Higher Degree Award

          Inability to Increase Fatty Acid Oxidation Following Renal Injury Worsens Renal Fibrosis

          Riley Morrow  AMRF Young Investigator Award Manipulating Myc expression as a novel therapeutic strategy for gastric cancer

          Charlene Holt

          Allied Health Research Award Improving help-seeking for postnatal depression and anxiety: A cluster randomised controlled trial of Motivational Interviewing 
          Madeleine Tancock

          Austin Lifesciences Prize for Basic Research

          Drug treatments induce tumor and host cell changes enabling a fraction of tumor cells to survive and give rise to recurrence.

          Remika Mito

          Florey Prize for Neuroscience Research Fibre-specific white matter changes in Alzheimer's disease: novel insights from higher-order diffusion-weighted imaging

          Teresa MacDonald

          ONJCRI Scholarship

          Measuring PlGF and sFlt-1 at 36 weeks' gestation to predict small-for-gestational-age infants or late-onset preeclampsia

          Sarah Howe Nursing Research Award and Clinical or Patient Care Nursing Quality Project Award  Follow-Up Audit Results of the New Protocol for TR Band Removal Post Coronary Angiography
          Jennifer Cori
          Rob Pierce Memorial Award 

          Hypocapnia has minimal effect on genioglossus muscle after-discharge elicited by arousal from sleep