Oncologist Dr. Belinda Yeoh and a patient



The department offers a range of educational services including training programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Professional Experience Placements (Undergraduate Students)

The pharmacy department accepts undergraduate pharmacy students on official university placements within the Bachelor of Pharmacy courses at Monash University, RMIT University & La Trobe University.

There may also be opportunities for students to complete a summer student placement at Austin Health Pharmacy. These placements are advertised by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia (SHPA) with a centralised application process. For more information, see http://www.shpa.org.au/

There are no volunteer positions available for students at Austin Health Pharmacy.

For more information regarding these placements contact your university placement officer, or:

David Harris
Professional Experience Placement Co-ordinator
Ph 03 9496 5000 and ask for David to be paged


Intern Program

The pharmacy intern program at Austin Health is of 52 weeks duration and prepares graduates for registration and professional clinical practice.

The year is spent training in various areas within the department including ward pharmacy, dispensing, manufacturing, medicines information, and clinical trials. Weekly tutorials are given by staff within and outside the Pharmacy Department.

For more information contact:

David Harris and Tim Tran
Intern Pharmacist Co-ordinators
Ph 03 9496 5000 and ask for David or Tim to be paged.