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External HREC Accepting Submissions - New Applications

This type of application relates to National Mutual Acceptance. It is required when Austin Health is a participating site of a multicentre study, where ethical approval has been granted by an external lead HREC. The submission of a site specific governance package is required.  

Please see the list below of required documents and refer to the instructions for submitting your Governance Package.

A Project Authorisation letter can be issued only once all the site specific documents have been submitted and reviewed. A research project may not commence at Austin Health until a Project Authorisation letter has been received.

Submitting your Governance Package

1. Log in to the Ethics Review Manager website

2.     Complete the SSA as appropriate. 

3.     Upload all supporting documentation (Note: scanning may be required)

4.     Email an electronic copy of your submission to RGO - 


  • Signatures should be submitted with the project submission.
  • Digital signatures can be inserted into documents such as the HREA and SSA and saved as a PDF.
  • Wet ink signed pages should be individually scanned and saved as a PDF.


For immediate confirmation that your email has reached us, set up an automated 'Delivery Receipt Notification' before you send your email.

FORMS: External HREC Accepting Submissions - New Applications

Governance Package

·          New Application Payment Form


·         Cover Letter and Checklist

·         Fully signed (All Investigators & Head of Department) SSA (Site Specific Assessment Form; final version with submission code - no DRAFT watermark)


·         Austin Health Investigator Curriculum Vitae



·         GCP Certificate



·         Signed Medicine Australia Standard Indemnities (If applicable)


·         Research Agreement


·         Insurance (If applicable)

·         Site Budget


·    Austin Health Victorian Specific Medical Physicist Module and Medical Physicist Report (If project involves radiation) 



·         Austin Health Departmental Sign offs (Pharmacy,PathologyRadiologyNuclear Medicine/PET Centre, Therapeutic Devices & Health Information Services)



·         Austin Health (AH) Site Specific PICF must include:


a)     the AH logo and barcode and place for a patient label sticker (HIS will only accept a PICF on the standard AH template. No deviations to this template will be accepted.)  


b)         complaints section contact details


·         For the Person Responsible Oral Information and Consent template, please see SOP 006 


·         Austin Health Site Specific Patient Card, etc. (If applicable)



·          CTN/CTX for each site


·         Complete a material transfer agreement if applicable. This agreement should be used    when external parties want to be provided with materials such as tissue samples obtained by Austin Health and Austin Health's only role is to provide this material and is not involved as a collaborator in the research project.

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·         LEAD HREC APPROVAL Letter

·         LEAD HREC APPROVED HREA (Human Research Ethics Application Form)

·         LEAD HREC APPROVED VSM (Victorian Specific Module}

·         LEAD HREC APPROVED Protocol


·         LEAD HREC APPROVED Master Patient card/Diary/Questionnaire/Survey etc

·         LEAD HREC APPROVED Investigator Brochure

·         LEAD HREC REVIEW ONLY Indemnity