A nurse checks on a patient in the cancer ward


Molecular Imaging and Therapy

About us

The Department of Molecular Imaging and Therapy is one of the largest and most comprehensive clinical and research programs in Australia.

PET at Austin Health was established in 1990 as joint initiative of the Victorian and Federal Governments, and the Austin Hospital. The Centre for PET was developed as a National Centre for basic and clinical research in view of the unique facilities and expertise available within the Centre.

The Molecular Imaging and Therapy services encompass the full range of diagnostic scans and in-vitro testing for a tertiary teaching hospital. Specialised scans for cardiac, neurology and cancer patients are routinely performed, and development of new radiopharmaceuticals for improved patient diagnosis and management is undertaken. Complex radionuclide therapy and consultation services are also provided.

The Department has an excellent track record in initiating and conducting research programs in basic science and clinical studies. There are strong links with Austin Health's Neuroscience Department, particularly in epilepsy and psychiatry. A formal collaboration with the Ludwig Institute Tumour Targeting Program exists, with integration of basic research and clinical studies in cancer patients