Austin Health HREC Information

Austin Health HREC Terms of Reference and Standard Operating Procedure

The Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Terms of Reference can be found here.

The HREC Standard Operating Procedures can be found here.



Updated 18 August 2017

HREC Membership


Prof David Taylor

Deputy Chairperson

Assoc. Prof  Laurence Weinberg

Lay People

Mr Terry Eastwood

Mr Robert Preston

Ms Cath Duane

Mrs Karen Whelan

Ms Marina Norio

Ms Sandra Morris


Members with Knowledge of and Current Experience in Care, Counselling or Treatment of People

Professor Richard Kanaan

Ms Michelle Goldsworthy

Ms Melinda Millard

Dr Emma Cohen


Members with Current Research Experience Relevant to Research Proposals Considered at Meetings

Dr Carole Smith

Prof Albert Frauman

Dr Michael Ching

Assoc. Prof. Laurence Weinberg

Dr Peter Mount 

Dr Saul Mullen

Dr Hui Gan

Dr Barbara Fam

Professor Vincent Thijs

Assoc. Prof  Andrew Weickhardt



Members who perform a Pastoral Care Role in the Community

Ms Rosalind Cairns

Mr Luke Bowen 


Members who are Lawyers

Ms Emma Litleton

Mr Mark Eaton

Mr Andrew Rakowski

Mr Brett Hogan

Mr Michael El Moussalli


Other Members

Dr Michael Ching - Clinical Trial Pharmacist

Mr Xavier Symons - Bioethicists


HREC Managers

Mrs Lisa Pedro

Ms Kristina Zlatic



Office for Research Attendees

Dr Sianna Panagiotopolous

Ms Chelsea Webster



Updated 18 August 2017