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Picture: Director of Endoscopy Dr Rhys Vaughan with nurse endoscopist Jomon Joseph

State Endoscopy Training Centre

The State Endoscopy Training Centre (SETC) at Austin Health leads, coordinates and provides nurse endoscopist training in Victoria.

Victorian health services are invited to establish training partnerships with the SETC, to provide a pathway for nurses wishing to specialise as nurse endoscopists.

The SETC delivers training through a multi-site, partnership arrangement with health services seeking to establish a Nurse Endoscopy (NE) service. Interested health services should contact us for a copy of the organisational readiness criteria.

Austin Health

Austin Health is an internationally recognised leader in clinical teaching and training and is affiliated with eight universities. It is the largest Victorian provider of training for specialist physicians and surgeons.

Austin Health trained Victoria's first nurse endoscopist in 2009-10. Building on this project, it partnered with Health Workforce Australia (HWA) and the Victorian Department of Health to assist with developing the Nurse Endoscopy (NE) Project in February 2012.

The Victorian Department of Health has provided funding to Austin Health in 2013-14, to establish and run the State Endoscopy Training Centre for the first four years of its operation.  Information relaying the key features of this program have been released by the Victorian Department of Health in conjunction with Austin Health.

In late 2013, Austin Health's Nurse Endoscopy Service Initiation Team won the Minister for Health's Award for achieving a highly capable and engaged workforce for their work developing the program.

Why nurse endoscopists?

The introduction of Nurse Endoscopy enables highly trained medical staff to manage and treat more patients by delegating appropriate cases to highly trained and qualified advanced practice nurses. This in turn allows better access to gastroenterologists for complex and advanced endoscopic cases.