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Effective 1st January 2018 - New AEC Minor Amendment Form

Please be advised that as of the 1st of January 2018, there will be a new Minor Amendment Form.

A summary of changes is outlined below:

  • Minor amendments may be reviewed out-of-session by an Executive subcommittee of the AEC only upon justification that animal welfare issue/s would arise by not having them reviewed out-of-session.
  • A research project may be extended by more than one year upon justification.
  • Digital signature/s or a scanned copy of the wet-ink signature/s are now mandatory. Any copied and pasted signatures will not be accepted.

Important NOTICE regarding Animal Ethics submission for Existing Projects


  • The Austin Health Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) meets on a monthly basis.
  • Any incomplete application will NOT be processed
  • Out of session review in-between monthly meetings will have limited capacity and will only be exercised when there is a strong argument for urgency. The case for urgency must be provided in writing to support the request.
  • Submission of minor amendments within 2 weeks prior to an AEC meeting: only addition/removal of staff, reports and urgent matters will be accepted for out of session review.
  • Please always check the website for updates and use the current version templates.
  • Please NOTE that if you are NOT using the CORRECT version of AEC application forms or if the template is altered your application WILL BE RETURNED and will NOT be REVIEWED.

Existing Projects Submission

Please note all submissions must be received by 9am on the closing date. All applications received after this time will not be accepted.

Please use the minor amendment form for extension of time, increase in animal numbers, change to a procedure, change of animal species, change of strains within species and addition/removal of staff members/students.

Please also provide TRACKED and CLEAN versions of the updated approved AEC application with updated version numbers & dates.Tracked documents should include all additions and changes to the text and strike through any deleted original text and highlight in bold or by underline any new text. Please use the ‘Track Changes' option in MS WORD.

All documentation should be allocated a version number and date by the research group and updated with track changes upon amendment of any document.

Submit your application with original signatures. Please submit one e-copy to and submit one double sided hard copy to:

Research Ethics Officer (Animal Ethics)

Research Ethics,

Office for Research,

Po Box 5555,

145 Studley Road,

Austin Health,

Heidelberg, Vic 3084.

Note: e-copy with digital signatures are also accepted.

For immediate confirmation that your email has reached us, set up an automated 'Delivery Receipt Notification' before you send your email.

Forms: Existing Projects

Active Project Forms

Minor Amendments requesting a PROTOCOL change (e.g., increase in animal numbers, change in strain/species or change in procedures) attracts an application fee. Please use the AEC & IBC Payment Form 

Minor Amendement Form - Click here for minor amendment guidelines

Application for delegation of responsibility for care & well-being of experimental animals to Austin Health AEC Form

Adverse Event Report Form* - Click here for guidelines on using this form

Non compliant Event Report Form*

 Annual Report Forms***











*All Adverse Events and Non compliant Events should be reported within 48 hours of the event