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"Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do 'practice'?"
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Osteoarthritis knee pain – study supports chondroitin and glucosamine

New randomised control trial adds to the evidence that taking a chondroitin and glucosamine supplement is as effective for treating severe pain associated with knee osteoarthritis as the widely used anti-inflammatory drug celecoxib. Authors conclude that the long-term efficacy and safety of "chondroitin sulfate plus glucosamine hydrochloride could offer a safe and effective alternative to treatment with NSAIDs, which are linked to serious adverse effects with prolonged use".

Source: Annals of rheumatic disease 14 Jan 2015 Online first

Osteoarthritis CC BY-ND

Risk of AKI with gentamicin as surgical prophylaxis

"This sizable epidemiological study suggests that gentamicin, even a single dose (as often used in the critically ill), should be avoided in patients undergoing orthopaedic procedures. It also highlights the frequency of failure to monitor perioperative renal function in patients with multiple risk factors for AKI (acute kidney injury), in clear contravention of current KDIGO guidelines (Kidney Disease - Improving Global Outcomes).

Adult patients undergoing orthopaedic, urological, vascular, gynaecological and gastrointestinal surgery were included in this study of more than 12,000 Scottish patients. For orthopaedic patients, there was a 94% increase in the rate of postoperative AKI following a change in antibiotic policy."

Source: EISCM Article review, 2015

Original article:JASN 2014, 25 (11) 2625-2632 


Experiencing health care quality through patients’ eyes

As this article states, "the question of quality is a complex phenomenon that is compounded in the context of healthcare". Quality of service and care is often measured by patient satisfaction. However, these may not be an accurate reflection of what and how patients experience healthcare. This article analyses 300 patient stories with a narrative approach. It reveals an authentic view of the complexity in how patients experience health care service quality.

Source: Australian Health Review 2015: 39 109-116 (Abstract only)

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South Australia reshapes its hospital system

The South Australian government is proposing a fundamental revamp of its hospital system, establishing super-sites for major emergencies, specialist centres for stroke and more integration of rehabilitation services.

Source: Delivering Transforming Health proposals paper, 2014


EBioMedicine - new open access journal

EBioMedicine is a new open access journal published with editorial support from Cell and Lancet. The journal scope will cover "the entire breadth of translational and clinical research within all disciplines of life and health sciences, ranging from basic science to clinical and public/global health science."
The current issue highlights cervical cancer, acromegaly, major depressive disorder and renal fibrosis.

Source: EBioMedicine, January 2015


Conflict of interest in medical journals

Conflicts of interest may be hidden or unreported in medical publishing and there is growing concern that potentially biased information can have adverse effects on clinical practice. This editorial provides an overview of research highlighting this issue and addresses the Australian context.

Source: Australian Prescriber 2015, 38 (1) 2-3


New books on display

Handbook of music and emotion : theory, research, applications / edited by Patrick N. Juslin and John A. Sloboda. Oxford University Press, 2011. 


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